It is all hands on deck in many countries around the world, trying to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. It is a deadly virus we do not fully understand and its scale of attack is almost incomprehensible for those who are living today.

While this event may cause fear and heartache for millions of people around the world, I can only discuss my own thoughts and experience of this event so far.

Deep down in my heart, I see the event of the Coronavirus pandemic as a great opportunity. It is a great opportunity to look within and to examine what is truly important in our lives.

I had just came off spending the last seven months of my life being engulfed by my son’s first year of playing competitive hockey. I spent so much of my time doing all that I could to help him perform to the best of his abilities. I worry when he didn’t play well and overjoyed when he did. Several times a week I would get up at 4:30 am to get my son ready for his practices.

I also spent a lot of time shopping, cooking, and eating out. Looking back at my life just a month ago, the implementation of physical / social distancing made me realize how ineffective I was with my time and effort. I didn’t need to hang around the kitchen waiting for my sons to tell me what they wanted to eat. I found out that they are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves with or without their screens. I discovered that I only need to shop once a week, visiting only one store at a time.

Now that all the activities have come to a halt, I had to time to internally examine who I truly am and what I am truly meant to do. I realized that the world needs me more than ever. There is so much fear and despair out there, and even if I just help a few people at a time, it would make a difference. This is the time for me to really use my gifts and talents.

Last week I pulled together a group of spiritual healers for an inner wisdom circle. I missed being with like minded people and I was eager to catch up with them and see how they were doing. Most importantly, when I gather a group of healers together, magic always happens.

I learned from our collective wisdom, that there are spiritual reasons behind the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus had forced human beings to drastically change their ways of life — to a way that focuses on the bare minimum essentials. Much of the world have minimized their movements resulting in a drastic reduction in pollution in China and Europe. This was first discovered in China when a huge area of China was on lock down. With a drastic decrease in pollution, the planet could finally breathe again. Now the same is happening in Europe now and soon, this will also happen in North America.

This is also a great opportunity for families to be together. Many parents might be too busy with their work before to really pay attention to their kids. Our social institutions had programs that help parents deal with their kids through schooling and various after school activities. There is no doubt that some families will be challenged when spending so much time with each other. But this is a great opportunity to connect with those who truly matter.

The Coronavirus is an energy that focuses on the Heart Chakra. It targets an energy center in the body that harbors emotions. In particular, it encourages people to look into their blocked and unexpressed emotions. I remember in the past, I have actually felt pain in my chest when I was super angry, sad, or disappointed. This is a time to look into blocked energy and emotions in the heart and release them. If you would like to work with me to discover and release the emotional and energy blocks in your Heart Chakra through Inner Wisdom Coaching, please contact me.

This is also a time for people to really focus on acknowledging their gifts and offering their gifts to people. In my part of the world, millions of people are losing their jobs, but the government is also doing what they can to provide financial support and stimulus to help people stay home. This is a perfect opportunity to examine if the jobs you were doing before is serving your true life’s purpose and calling. This is an excellent opportunity for you to pause and reflect on what kind of impact you would like to make in your life and lives of others.

Now, more than ever, is a great opportunity for us to offer what we are truly good at to the world in whatever way possible. Offer your talents, offer your services, offer your heart…etc. This is what I will be doing and I hope you will be doing the same too.