With a big white blanket over our heads, my four year son Dante and I laid in his bed upon his request.  He had a been fighting a cold and feeling fatigued from time to time and this was one of those moments.  At first he seemed rather amused with poking me in the eye or my ear — which cracked me up laughing, not because he was funny but because I was very ticklish.

Then he suddenly grew serious, his black crystal eyes locking on my face with an intensity I do not see every day.  I have seen that look before, not from Dante, but from men who had loved me.  I am not sure they knew they were looking at me that way, maybe if they knew, they might have tried to hide it.

To see this look from my son was heart stopping for me.  Especially because his eyes are so beautiful — so dark and shiny with lush long dark lashes.  Those eyes were so shiny I swear I could see a reflection of myself in them.  I am not trying to brag, but I can see girls falling head over heels if he was a bit older.  He already has a girlfriend in his daycare now and he hasn’t even started kindergarten.

After locking eyes with me for a few seconds, he reached out his little hand and touched me very gently on the side of my face.  How does he know? I thought to myself.  How does this four year old guy know exactly what mommy needs to feel loved?  Even daddy has problems with this some times and little Dante is a pro!

Then to top this moment off, Dante propped himself up a bit and leaned in for a little kiss.

Oh that little heart breaker.  All I could do was laugh but secretly, I really want to cry because I felt so touched.  As I am writing this, my heart still feels a bit soft — like marshmallow.