If you are puzzled by the title of this blog post you are not alone.  Lately I have been feeling some what strange.  Since 2006, I have spent a lot of my spiritual energy learning about setting intentions and manifesting them.  In fact, when I checked back on my written intentions, I have nearly manifested them all.  Some of the intentions I have set were seemingly impossible at the time.

The first time I actively tried to manifest an intention was in April of 2006 when I wanted to manifest a soulmate in 3 months.  That came true.

Then I wanted to manifest $300,000 by December 31, 2008.  That didn’t come true on December 31, 2008 but by April 30, 2009, I manifested $500,000.

Now I feel like I have got everything I want and I don’t know what else there is to ask for.  Then on April 18, 2010, I had a new baby boy.  Unlike most mothers who are enthralled with the experience, I always wanted out in the first little while.  I don’t like being stuck at home, I don’t like missing sleep, I don’t like having no time to myself.

This is when I was presented with my biggest lesson: being present.

When my back was tired and the baby is screaming, I kept thinking about how I would rather be doing something else.  I had stepped outside of the present and into the past or future.  This decreased my vibration, making it difficult for me to manifest solutions.  I have been down that road before and somehow picked myself back up.  The trick for doing so has always been taking the time to accept my current situation and be grateful for it.  When I looked more closely at my present situation, my 3 month old baby is sleeping 8 to 10 hours through the night, he is learning to fall asleep on his own without me carrying him around and he is way calmer because I figured out he was allergic to soy and wheat.

Maybe the secret to feeling better is to find the blessings in my present situation. Soon after accepting my life as it is, I found a great nanny that would cook, clean, help me with the baby AND give me hour long massages while the baby sleeps.  You just can’t beat that!  What’s more interesting is that this nanny just live up the street from me and have been sitting around bored out of mind for the last 3 weeks.  If I had been more clear minded and posted an ad for a nanny sooner, I could have had 3 more weeks of massage!  Ok, I don’t think it really works that way.  I suppose when the student is ready, the massage master appears!