Today has been a philosophical day.  I started the day having breakfast with Dobes and talking about how time is not linear — how our past, present, and future coexist with each other in the present (this will have to be explained in another blog post).  Then I went to the mall and had lunch by myself.  While I was having lunch, I started listening to an audio book by Deepak Chopra called, “The Book of Secrets”, where he spoke about the relative importance of knowing your purpose in life and being happy.  Chopra asserted that knowing your purpose (and carrying it out) is a big part of being happy.  His suggested if we focus on being aware of ourselves, our bodies and our feelings, we will find our inner wisdom.

Then I was chatting with a woman in my community while our kids played with each other and she revealed to me that she feels empty because she doesn’t know what she should do with her life.

This made me think back to the days when I did not know my purpose.  I wandered aimlessly from one job to another, one academic area to another searching for my purpose.  Not many people are born knowing exactly why they are here.  I certainly did not have that clarity myself.  I found it hard to just be and accept my current reality at the time.   If I could travel back in time to give myself a piece of advice, I would tell myself to be present and keep my eyes and heart open for clues.

My higher self presented me with my purpose when I was 26.  I watched The Secret and attended the Landmark Forum.  I had embarked on my journey of personal and spiritual development.  At the time I had thought to myself, I wanted to teach in the field of personal development, but I really doubted my worth as a teacher.  I thought I had nothing to prove.  I didn’t have a man, I didn’t have a good job, I didn’t have any money.  I didn’t have anything I wanted so I thought I didn’t really qualify to be a teacher in the field of personal development.  It took me 5 years of manifesting things I wanted in my life for me to really believe in myself.

I suggested to this woman that she may want to consider paying more attention to her own feelings and synchronized events in her life.  I explained that this may be how God communicates with us.  She told me that she doesn’t want to toy around with things that are not scientific because she doesn’t want to be superstitious.

I remember feeling taken aback by her response.  Does she want to know her purpose in life or not? Does she really want to escape her current state of feeling empty with her life? Then I realized I was being judging and those thoughts stemmed from my ego and not my true loving higher self.  If I was to look at this situation without judgment, this woman had already begun her path of seeking her purpose.  She spoke about it to me, she was sitting there with me.  As a teacher it is up to me to be patient with her and be there to ask her questions and answer any questions she may have for me.   I am not there to judge how she thinks.

Next time, I will focus on what I am good at — Asking Questions.