Urgent Request to Help Jane!
This message was sent as an email message to me from fellow Spiritual Regression practitioner Sian Chua who is based in Perth Australia on behalf of another fellow practitioner Jane (not her real name) who posted a request for help.

Sian is the kind of person who wants to help everyone. Jane was experiencing an inability to eat or digest liquids and solid food. She was sent to the hospital due to starvation and dehydration. The doctors had no idea what was going on. I would have never thought of myself as someone who could help Jane. She lived in a different country and different time zone. Sian also lived in a different country on a different continent with a time zone difference of more than 15 hours from me. When I read the email carefully I saw that Sian wrote, “I’m emailing you to see if you are willing to be a surrogate as you are an amazing subject and you have such a good connection to Source.”

I have never thought of helping people by being a surrogate (except for my own kids). I don’t like being responsible for other people’s healing. I don’t like the idea of failing if the session did not work. What if people ask me for help and I could not help them? If I just stick with being a facilitator / practitioner, then I know the clients are 100% responsible for their own healing. However, I could not say “No” to Sian. She once told me that she believed I could help people heal without doing a session but I told her that I didn’t really know how to do that. That was about to change.

We contacted Jane and asked her to make herself comfortable and lay down during the time Sian and I would talk to each other. I got this idea after watching a special Oprah did about John of God. Apparently when he does psychic surgeries by distance, he always asked the clients to wear white and lay down. Oprah interviewed Wayne Dyer about this. Wayne was a recipient of healing from John of God’s spiritual healing team. He said that he had disregarded the suggestion to lay down when John of God was sending his spiritual healing team to help him and went on a run instead. He said he collapsed during his run and had to crawl back home and ended up sleeping for 8 hours straight. So I thought it would be good for Jane to lay down and rest just in case the healing worked. You see, I am not unlike many of my clients who are plagued by self doubt at times.

Sian and I got online and agreed on which questions would be discussed. She would be the facilitator to facilitate my access to Source (which is usually the point of access for my own inner wisdom) for healing other people. We agreed that I would connect to Source Energy myself without an induction. She would then ask Source how I could best help others as a vessel for healing. It was a channeled healing session where Source showed me what to do while Sian held the space for me.

When Sian started to ask questions relating to Jane’s health issues, I felt a light sensation in my own body pertaining to where she was having problems in her body. Here is a condensed transcript where Q is the questioner (Sian) and A is the answer that was received from Source.

Q: Is there anything this vessel and I should know about Jane?

A: This vessels feels weakness in the 3rd chakra, where the sternum is, extending down to the 2nd chakra, pertaining to personal power. Something happened in her life in which she felt very powerless.

Q: Why is that so? Is there a person there that is keeping her stuck in the feeling of powerlessness?

A: At the root of it all, no matter who the person is it begins with the individual herself. Her sense of personal power and self worth. To be worthy of love and attention. That her feelings matter. Because there is the tendency to put herself last. In this case, it should actually be “me first!”. So this person having the digestive issues needs to begin with “me first”!

Q: Is it appropriate for us to request healing for Jane or is this something she needs to learn and do herself?

A: We are sending Light to her, especially in the mid torso area both at the front and at the back. This is to assist her in raising the vibration of her Being. Colors of Light is being applied…we are infusing energy into the body. However, the physical body has symptoms because it needs LOVE. So as much as we send love, it needs love from the person herself and her appreciation for her own body. We can help by increasing the vibration for her to step up and do something about this. We want to say to her “You can do this, you don’t have to bury your feelings! You have a CHOICE!”

Q: How does she do this? What can she do to actually love herself?

A: She needs to do one thing a day she really, really loves, because she doesn’t even give herself that. It is just to raise the vibration for her to take that step up and say to herself, “You know what? I matter…anything I want is possible.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to Jane?

A: You are loved no matter what. You are loved no matter what. You are loved no matter what.

We completed the session late at night and I was busy the very next day so I did not have time to immediately process the recording for Jane. However, I received a message from Jane the next morning:

Hey May,
Did you and Sian get a chance to do the session last night? I was ready at 6 pm and relaxing. I had a bad day yesterday but slept more last night than I have in weeks!

Then a few hours later I got another message from Jane:

One of the digestive issues I was having resolved today! Any relief is HUGE for me right now!

I was very happy for Jane and wrote her back to apologize for not sending the recording in a timely manner because I was very busy. But when I finally sent the recording two days later, Jane wrote back and said that she had already drafted a letter to confront the person she’s been holding back on confronting for a long time even without knowing the content of the surrogate session.

Healing is a continuous journey for most people. Illness is often manifested as a way for the body to encourage us to love ourselves and to be true to ourselves. I am also going through a healing process too. I am slowly learning to trust the Universe and myself. I am forever grateful for Sian because she believed in me more than I believed in myself. She trusted me more than I could trust myself. She held the space for me to be my true amazing self. Those are the qualities of a truly remarkable teacher. Sian had been the catalyst of many of the inspirational stories I write on my blog. I am so grateful she is in my life. Thank you Sian!