Recently I have been feeling a bit tight on money since some of the contracting work my husband had done have not been paid out yet.  While I knew the money was going to come, it is hard to focus on positive emotions when I began to see our bank account balance dwindle and the line of credit account showing a balance.  But I have been extremely careful not to dwell on how my bank account balance is looking.  There seemed to be an inner voice telling me that everything is going to be ok and I should trust that I am already abundant.

I began thinking about manifesting abundance and how important it is to always set my intentions and living my life actively instead of passively by consistently asking the universe of what I want.

Yesterday my father came on msn from Taiwan and said to me, “May, it is Chinese New Year in two weeks and I have wired $1000 into your bank account as your *red pocket money.”

I could not believe it!  I got $1000 earlier this month for my birthday and now I am getting another $1000 for my Chinese New Year red pocket money! I am so blessed!  THANK YOU DAD!  THANK YOU UNIVERSE!  My husband was overjoyed too, he could hardly believe my good luck.

Creating my life is so much fun, I can’t wait to think of what I would intend to manifest next!

*red pocket money is an ancient Chinese custom where money is given in a red envelope for good luck from parents to children or from married children to elderly parents.  Red pocket money can also be given between extended family members.  Red pocket money is sometimes used for business transactions as gifts or bribes.