Sometimes life is so good, I don’t even know how good it is until a contrast occurs…

Unintentional Existence

I only realized how effective weekly planning has been for me when I started to slack off from my habit of setting weekly intentions towards achieving what I want to do.  Approximately two weeks ago, I got lazy one weekend and decided not to fill out my weekly intentions form and went on with my life.  The following week was still quite busy with many activities that had trickled over from the previous weeks, but by this week, I found myself to have nothing to do and feeling incredibly unmotivated to do anything.  The truth is, there is still a lot to be done, but by the mere act of not intending to “do” the things needed to be done, nothing gets done.  So far this week, I have gotten nothing done besides hanging out with my friends.

I am beginning to realize that most of the population probably go about their daily lives without any specific plans or intentions — leading to people to react to situations they come across.  I hypothesize that many people actually live through their lives by reacting rather than intending.  I guess if I never knew what it was like to live life with intention, I probably wouldn’t know what it truly feels like to go through my life without actively intending my desires.  This is a concept called “contrast”.  People experience contrast when they come across something, someone, and/or a situation they do not want.  The simple awareness of recognizing what they do not want can point them into the right direction of what they want.  The problem is that some people get fixated on what they do not want instead of thinking of the kind of experiences they would rather attract into their lives.

At the present moment, I am acutely aware that I don’t like having an unintentional existence.  This is a contrast that is helping me to point myself back into the direction of seeking an intentional existence.  My goal is to make up a weekly intention for the rest of the week starting tomorrow (it is almost time for bed) and jump start my life back in the direction of having an intentional existence.