Recently I have had the odd experience where a client did not feel better after having a session. This rarely happens and when it does, it bothers me as much as it may bother the client.

I decided to access my own inner wisdom to see why some people heal and some do not.

What my inner wisdom showed me was that the healing that is received from the Higher Self or even directly from the Light of Source itself can manifest but cannot be sustained because the healing that can manifest cannot be greater than a person’s self concept of themselves. So, if they are used to being sick, it is harder for them to believe they can be fully healed. If they could truly have faith in the healing and they are willing to change their concept of themselves, then the healing they receive in session can be permanent.

In the case where clients feels physical discomfort during or after the session, it must be because their physical vibration is denser than the frequency of healing. This creates a dissonance in vibration between the physical body and the healing that is being offered. Sometimes the healing takes a period of time to manifest and sometimes it may not manifest at all.

In the case where people have been fixed in their status quo, a slower integration of healing may be recommended. For example, time can be taken to gradually work through the energy blocks and hidden emotional resistances to healing by exploring potential negative conditioning that may have been applied to the client earlier in their childhood or their soul’s experience.

Steps can also be taken to consistently maintain or increase their vibration and state of being, with weekly follow up or group mentorship sessions. This gives people a chance to share what they are going through and explore how they would feel if their body was truly healed.

A person needs to be in consistently high state of being to maintain healing in the long term. This is why often times they can have such a good session, feeling healed afterwards only to have similar problems come back months later or develop whole new symptoms if there are hidden subconscious blocks to healing.