When I used to work as a Registered Nurse, I began to wonder why and how people can get so sick. I also began to realize that patients with specific health issues tend to have some similarities with other patients with similar health issues.

In 2006, after 4 years of working as a nurse in medicine, operating room, and community health, I went to a talk given by Dr. Nelie Johnson. What she said blew my mind. I couldn’t believe a medical doctor could have such unconventional approaches to healing and actually helped people resolve serious health issues without using conventional medical treatment!

I have invited Dr. Nelie Johnson to come on a free Live Webcast Event called: Start Healing Today where she can answer questions related to your health issues. This webcast event will be held on Monday, July 27th at 5 pm Pacific, 7 pm Central, and 8 pm Eastern.

On this call we will explore why people get sick and you may get an opportunity to get your health related questions answered right on the call. If you know someone who may be experiencing a health issue, please forward this email to them so that they can sign up for the free live webcast event.

I recently did an interview with Dr. Nelie Johnson about “Why People Get Sick?”. You can view the Youtube video below:

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