It has been a long time since I have written in this blog.  I have mainly been focused on the my small business accounting software and writing on the business blog.  But I keep feeling like there is some unfinished inspirational stories and posts to write.

Previously on Manifesting a Man 

In Manifesting a Man Part 1 and Part 2, we have examined issues surrounding specific intentions and limiting beliefs when it comes to attracting a man (or woman) in your life.  In Manifesting a Man Part 3, I am going to talk about commitment.

Showing the Universe that we are “Serious”

The concept of “commitment” may be used in a different context in this discussion.  Here we think of commitment as — what are we thinking/ feeling/ doing that shows the universe that we are serious in our intentions.  Many women (or men) might say to themselves, “I really want a man in my life”, but they do nothing to show the universe this is what they want.  In fact, I have run across people that have said, “I really want a man in my life, but I don’t really want to go out and meet anyone.  It is simply too scary.”

Now I must clarify that if a person is truly an expert in aligning himself / herself vibrationally with their desires, they could sit in the living room and meditate and things would materialize for them.  It is a wild idea, I know, but in theory, this should be possible.  It is only impossible because we believe it is impossible.  I could sit in my living room and try to manifest a plate of Chinese stir fry noodles and it wouldn’t just appear in front of me because I honestly don’t believe it is possible.

I have several friends who have told me that they feel lonely and they would like to be in a relationship.  However, the relationship hasn’t been materializing for them because they are not showing the universe total commitment in wanting to be in a relationship.  Let me give you some examples:

Friend #1

Friend #1 consulted a psychic medium who told her that she will meet her soul mate in 3 years.  So far in the first year of this knowledge, she has turned down 13 dates.  Why?  Here are her considerations:

  • she would be taking the chances away from other women who were supposed to be with men who asked her out
  • she would be taking the chances away from men who asked her out to meet their soul mates
  • she would be wasting her time dating them if she knew she was going to meet “the one” in 3 years
  • she would not be single when her Mr. Right shows up

Here is my opinion on the matter:

Energy is a funny thing.  The more you celebrate the things you get, the more you get it.  In the case of dating and relationships, I have noticed a pattern and I will use myself as an example.

May is single => May goes to work and social functions and noticed other good looking guys, but no one asks her out => one guy makes a comment that he thought May was beautiful => May started to have guys who make the effort to come and talk to her and trying to get to know her better => she started getting asked out for coffee => she started getting asked out for coffee by several guys => she started getting asked out for lunch / dinners => one guy asked her to be his girlfriend => an ex asked for a second chance => another guy was showing more interest in her => May starts to date one guy => things got serious => he asked her to marry him => some other guy half jokingly proposed to May too at the same time…

The point of this is to illustrate that things come in waves.  It is like trying to tune the radio to a station, you get some fuzziness before you get a clear signal.  The fuzziness is sometimes necessary to give us a chance to exercise discernment and observe contrasts.  For example, when guys were asking me out, I can use this opportunity to go out with them and pick and choose which qualities I want or did not want in a guy.  I can also use this opportunity to clarify my own desires for the universe.

Friend #2

There is not one time in which I hang out with this friend did he not complain about how miserable he is regarding the way his last relationship ended 3 years ago and how he feels lonely.  He signed up for some online dating websites and recently was sent a match by one of the dating websites.  The match he got was a girl he used to have a crush on who happened to be on the same website!  Now, if he was sent a match, she would have been sent the same match about him.  So what does this friend do?  He totally rejected the possibility of connecting with her even though they had met in person a year ago at a party.  Now that really shows some commitment to the universe that he is serious about wanting a relationship.

I have been playing match making on my spare time and I have recently looked up one of his friends with a girl I met at a restaurant.   I am in the process of trying to hook up another friend of his.  This does not make friend #2 very happy because he feels like I am taking away all his friends.  In fact, he even tries to sabotage things a bit by “forgetting” to send me his friend’s contact details so I can pass it on to a girl I met at a seminar.  He feels left out that I didn’t consider matching him up.  The truth is, both girls I have matched his friends up for are somewhat average in appearance based on his standards.  Both of the friends I have set these girls up for usually think most women are beautiful.  Friend #2 is really attracted to tall and blond girls because his ex was tall and blond.  That really narrows things down a lot.  Not that it is a bad thing, the universe rewards those who are specific, but I think he is sending the wrong signals to the universe by complaining about not having a girlfriend, not making a move when he was sent a match who he used to have a crush on 10 years ago, and being envious of his friends who are being matched up and trying to sabotage things.  Clearly, he is not showing the universe he is committed in being in a relationship.

What are you showing the universe?

Examine your actions and behaviours to see if you are sending mixed signals to the universe.  If you would like to meet someone, go out, tell friends that you want to, go online, attend gatherings, put yourself in a space in which the universe can send someone to you.  Sitting alone at home and complaining about being single do not show the universe you are serious about putting yourself in alignment with meeting someone.  Turning away dates and online dating match ups without even a single try also shows a lack of commitment in your willingness to experience what the universe has to offer.