This is not the first time such a question came up for me.  While I have successfully manifested a great man for myself, I often get into discussions with women (and sometimes men!) who are attempting to attract great men into their lives.  It amazes me how many people know about “The Secret” and are practicing very specific techniques to  manifesting their dreams.  However, there are some crucial elements of manifesting our intentions that are being largely ignored.  Here is a funny manifestation flop I have encountered:

Mr. Feline?

Recently during my personal development binge, I met a woman in her 50s named Michelle (not her real name) who has been largely alone for many years.  Michelle told me she really wanted to manifest a man in her life.  Like many people who have watched The Secret, she began to make a list of very specific qualities of the man she would like to have in her life.  She really wanted someone who is: extremely friendly, always happy to see her, makes her laugh all the time, cuddly, and understanding.  Sounds like a great list to me…

One day, she walked into the local SPCA (where stray animals await for adoption into a kind and loving home) in search of a female cat.  Michelle thought a female cat was easier to handle and she saw a black and white coloured one she fell in love with right away.  There was only one catch.  The black and white female cat has a brother with a black coat that was very closed to her.  The people at the SPCA were adamant that they would only offer two cats at once instead of separating the siblings.  To Michelle’s great dismay, she took both cats home because she really loved the female cat.

In the weeks following the adoption of her cats, Michelle began to notice something interesting.  The black male cat has a very warm personality of his own.  He is extremely friendly and cuddly.  He would wait by the door patiently for her to come home and follow her around the house joyfully and lovingly every day.  He does things to make her laugh and loves to play with her whenever he can.  When Michelle feels unwell, this little black cat would curl up beside her to keep her bed warm for her.

Michelle began to realized that the universe had given her everything she was looking for with one exception, he is not a MAN!

A Clear Intention is NOT Good Enough

There is a myth that what we think are our clear intentions is sufficient to manifesting what we want.  However, it seems our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves can be incredibly complex and confusing.  There are so many elements to consider when attempting to manifest our dreams that even I am only beginning to uncover some of the intricacies of what is keeping me from manifesting my desires.

Here are some crucial elements I have identified as important when trying to manifest my dreams :

1. Believability: do I really think that my dreams are possible?
2. Limiting Beliefs: what are some of the beliefs I may have adopted in my past that no longer serve me?
3. Commitment: how committed am I to attain / attract my desires?

Coming Soon

In the next few blog posts, I will discuss the implications of the hidden elements that prevent intentions from manifesting in real life.  I will also provide some tips on how to improve your chances of manifesting what you REALLY want.