“Hey mom! I have discovered a new method of helping people connect to their Higher Selves!” I visited my mom with this exciting news two years ago.
“Oh! What is it?” My mom asked with interest.
“In four simple steps, you can help people get their own wisdom within and if people want to know what caused their current upset, they can recall when this first started in their childhood or past lives!” I was so excited that I could share this information with my mom given that she and I had both been trained directly with Dolores Cannon and I felt she could understand my new discoveries.

“I don’t know if I would be able to learn it… I don’t feel adequately trained enough… I’ve been thinking of going to volunteer at a crisis hotline center – they need Chinese speaking volunteers.” My mom said hesitantly.

“What?! Volunteer at a crisis hotline! You need to CALL the crisis hotline yourself let alone volunteer for it!” This sounded a bit snarly but my mother had a history of being unable to handle her own emotions. I guess I was speaking on behalf of the little child inside of me who endured years of unpleasant effects from her emotional instability.

“Well, I am going to try!” My mother insisted.

It turned out that I was horribly wrong about my mother. Her time at the crisis hotline center began to change her. She had to take call after call from people who complained about their kids, their spouses, their parents, their work or a lack of work, their life…etc. This experience had allowed her to realize that she was one lucky woman. She once told me that she had it pretty good because both her twin daughters were so capable of taking care of themselves. My sister and I never needed help with our homework, didn’t need any parental support in applying for University, and generally took good care of ourselves. We are in happy and stable relationships with beautiful children — a far cry from so many people who call the crisis hotline on a daily basis.

My mother became the star volunteer at the crisis hotline, receiving award after award for her dedication and service. This was where she was spending most of her time making a difference for people.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation on the phone with my mother when she was telling me an inspirational story about how she discovered the cause of why she was dealing with pest control issues in her house. I wrote this story titled The Mother, The Mouse, and The Fat Cat. It is a story about how I discovered my mother has the ability of seeing her own past lives without a past life regression session.

“You know I have been trying to help the callers find the underlying unconscious causes of why they were upset.” My mom said.

“Really?” Was my mother applying what I had taught her a few years ago? “What are your success rates?”

“Sometimes the people who call are so impatient and angry that they cannot settle down. I only have 30 minutes with them. But for the majority of people who are able to calm down when I ask them to focus on their breath, I am generally successful in helping them within the time constraints I have.” My mom said.

“Did you get them to visualize the way I have shown you? Have you been able to help people quickly get answers from their own inner wisdom / higher selves?” I asked with great interest.

“Yes! If they were willing to go through this exercise with me, they were successful in receiving answers every single time.” My mother said.

“What did you say to them to get them to connect to their inner wisdom so quickly?” I asked.

“Just like what you showed me!” She began to recite a complete Chinese translation of the method I showed her with confidence. She was so confident that I could see no reasons why she wouldn’t get a 100% success rate with people.

“Wow, I am so proud of you Mom!” I said with utter amazement.

My mother was not a fast learner when I first showed her my discoveries. I think I made the mistake of assuming things were easy for people to learn when it was not the case. But over the last two years, she had taken what she had learned and applied this work in a way I have never thought of. She had a time constraint, she needed to help her callers in 30 minutes or less. She must have received hundreds of calls where she helped all these people access the inner peace that had eluded them prior before making the call to the crisis hotline. She had surpassed the number of clients I have worked with using my own method. And not only that, she has an amazing success rate!

I once wrote an inspirational story detailing the healing my mother received from her own past life regression called My New Mother, but over the past few years she had continue to transform into a person who not only healed herself, but someone who will help hundreds and thousands of people who get to talk to her on the phone. It has been a truly remarkable transformation!